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Corporate Strategic Services


AMP for Business Development

Use us for
  1. Initial identification of M&A targets.
  2. Due diligence and legal co-ordination
  3. Post acquisition integration management.

We are an extension of your strategic think tank as well as  augment your team for such acivities.

This program is supervised directly by our Managing Director and his team. Our BizDev Program is designed for working with your Organisation on pre –agreed strategic initiatives --- our program is not to manage Sales or Sales force but to search the market for strategic alliances/partners, M&A targets, obtaining legal/financial help on restructuring options and looking out for business opportunity, assisting client organisation head hunt talent. We also help trouble shoot when you are faced with difficult issues. Being available for post acquisition integration management is our key strength.

Our Managing Director will typically inter-act with the Head of the Business or a very senior executive.

The objectives and scope of such assignments are settled on a case by case basis.

Bs-a will bring appropriate consultants, subject matter experts and staff as are necessary for the successful execution of such projects.

Bs-a is aware of the challenges of management bandwidth associated with rapidly growing organisations. We can act as an Interim Managers for well defined projects in their initial/incubation stages.

Our fee structure for such assignment is typically a monthly retainer plus a success fee to be mutually agreed.

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Our Speciality
A group of professionals with prior
experience in similar activity
Strong understanding of business needs of our clients.
Good local level contacts in the UK
A dedicated account manager for your business.
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