Provides outsourced operational support in UK  

Private Family Office


This is a confidential service.

Bs-a will not directly deal with your funds

Our goal is to act on your behalf and generate options that are not limited because of your choice of Trustee Company or Private Bank.

Bs-a has identified this service as suitable for businessmen and high net worth individuals/professionals.

Property Services

  1. Help you acquire overseas property including arrange for mortgage etc.
  2. arrange for its management-maintenance, payment of taxes,
  3. furnish and upkeep
  4. track price trends and suggest alternatives.

Investment Operation

  1. identify the appropriate investment vehicle
  2. Report on invested portfolio, analyse alternatives.
  3. Maintain and track your investment records
  4. Audit function so that your funds are fully invested
  5. Any other service you may desire.

Service charges

Our fees for Investment/Property services will be calculated as a percentage of the Invested Value of your portfolio. Facilitation services will be charged on an annual retained basis.

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Our Speciality
A group of professionals with prior
experience in similar activity
Strong understanding of business needs of our clients.
Good local level contacts in the UK
A dedicated account manager for your business.
Call -Providers of outsourced operational support in UK